As a next-generation cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain platform


In order to connect with and expand into various real economies within the next 3 years in block chain economic ecosystem, we develope a global representative cryptocurrency which is a next-generation Ethereum platform with the unique agreement algorithm and enhanced speed and security.


Development of individual blockchains for the Ethereum platform considering speed and information protection and the scalability of next generation Ethereum blockchain for various services.

EcoG9coin increases the value of the market economy by limiting the issuance volume.
In addition, we do not rely on the value. based on the market economy principle. First, we allocate some of the exchange revenues of the Vietnam offline Super Bowl game land to the EcoG9coin participant, thereby raising the short-term value to the profit sharing value.


Since EcoG9coin is developing cryptocurrency issuance and application sercives in parallel with other cryptocurrency, it is possible to maximize thebenefits of participants according to the cryptocurrency ICO policy in the short term. In order words, due to the cryptocurrency's characteristics with the circulation currency function, it is possible to show the cryptocurrency service to those who participated in the early ICO of EcoG9coin in a short period of time. And for the EcoG9coin activation with the issuance of the cryptocurrency, the EcoG9coin Exchange will be constructed and operated in parallel..

Our Partners

Time Schedule


Total amount

10 billion EGC


Value of 1 EGC


23. May. 2018

EGC = EcoG9 coin currency


  70% Company          30% ICO


Step 01

Dec. 11th, 2017

~ Jan. 12th, 2018

7%  of the total issuance volume 



Step 02

May 23rd, 2018

 ~ Jun. 30th, 2018

20%  of the total issuance volume


Step 03

Jul. 1st, 2018

~ Jul. 25th, 2018

3%  of the total issuance volume

   Business Expense

  40% Development

  40% Working funds

  20% Social contribution

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Road Map

Oct. 2015.

EcoG9 trademark and design registration.

May. 2016.

EcoG9 Platform Development and Completion.

Aug. 2017.

EcoG9 brand, design and white paper Completion.

Dec. 2017.

EcoG9 Corporate ICO Sales.

May. 2018.

EcoG9 ICO Sales.

Aug. 2018.

Listed on the Vietnam Exchange.

Oct. 2018.

Listed on the international Exchange.

Sep~Oct. 2018.

Joint operation of Vietnam On-line Game Land- On-line Game Land service will be launched from September to October 2018.

Mar. 2019.

Exchange Operation and International Remittance Business.